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What Is Roblox Premium

Roblox developers’ team is made up of people who know how to flow with the changing times. Although they had enough faith in what they released on the first day of the release of the Roblox mobile game, they know change is inevitable. Therefore, they keep upgrading and adding more value to their game to ensure that it remains relevant to the upcoming generation. Today, we will have a look about What Is Roblox Premium.

When Roblox was first released, they had what is currently known as the classic Builders Club. The traditional Roblox Builders Club brought a lot of difference in the lives of those who registered as members. They received many privileges and free goodies, including free Robux daily. However, after some consultation, they decide to rebrand the traditional Builders Club to Roblox premium. 

The Roblox Premium is said to be a rebranding of Builders Club as it has most of the benefits that were in the Builders Club. However, to bring some difference between the two, the new membership club has some additional features. Roblox Premium was being prepared for release in mid-August 2019, and administrators and testers were to be selected. 

After it was rolled out, they specifically prioritized existing Builders Club members and especially those living in Canada and the United Kingdom. After everything was all set, they officially released it on 23rd September 2019, and they replaced Builders Club for most members, and the process is continuing for those who have not yet received them. as of 12th April 2020, all Roblox game users were able to access the Roblox Premium. 

Membership For Roblox Premium 

Roblox Premium membership plans are categorized by the number of monthly Robux they provide. Compared to its predecessor Builders Club, all Roblox Premium memberships share the same icons and names. They don’t have distinct ones, and Robux are provided all together after every renewal date. This means you will not receive the daily provision of Robux as it was the case with the Builders Club. 

Purchase Screen 

A MeepCity banner is displayed on the purchase screen with an image of an avatar dressed in a Golden Suit of Bling Squared and a Golden Top Hat of Bling-Bling. The Avatar is named Mr. Bling Bling, and he is not new as he was also present on the traditional Robux purchase page. This purchase screen, however, doesn’t have Gamecard information, which was present in the former Builders Club. It also doesn’t have billing information and Roblox Credit information. 

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The Roblox Premium’s first confirmation was on 10th June 2019 after the addition of “Premium” to the Membership Type enum. Although it wasn’t immediately revealed to the gamers, there were speculations that it will soon be added. Although the new membership doesn’t have a significant difference with the old Builders Club membership, the new model has brought great changes in Roblox. There are many people who have decided to buy the membership out of curiosity to know what the new deal has to offer. Therefore, they cannot regret their decision to upgrade the Builders Club to Roblox Premium.