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What Is Roblox Builders Club

As we all know, Roblox is a free-to-play game, which means you don’t need to pay any to enjoy the game. Roblox has millions of subscribers every year, and this is enough to rate it among the best mobile games we have in the market today. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use real-world money to a step higher above other players. If you have a few spare bucks, there is no harm of knowing what is Roblox Builders Club and trying it out.

What Is A Builders Club?

One of the questions asked by most beginners in Roblox gaming sites is what Roblox Builders Club is. Many people also seek to understand how Builders Club work and what is its importance? We fully understand your plea, and we saw the need to answer all these questions for you. In this article, we will tackle everything about Builders Club, which is also abbreviated as BC. 

The easiest way of describing Builders Club is by defining it as a premium membership that grants players special privileges in Roblox. Although all gamers in Roblox have certain privileges and rewards, those with Builders Club receive more privileges. This keeps them in the game longer than ordinary members. It also gives you great pride amid your friends who are regular members of the platform. 

If you are a Roblox Builders Club member, you can do a countless number of transactions. Some of these transactions include; sell items in-game; you can also make pants and shirts. You will also be able to enjoy daily Robux Stipend, among many others. These privileges give you greater customization of gamers’ avatars as well as their interactive creations. 

Is Builders Club Membership Worth it?

Being a loyal gamer is not about getting into it and following all its rules blindly. True loyalty is understanding what you are doing and weighing all the options you have at hand. This way, you will not only benefit yourself but also help other gamers make sound decisions. One of the things you need to give much thought to is how important the BC is.

Don’t be a Builders Club member simply because everyone else around you has subscribed. Become a member because you fully understand the benefits of doing so. After reading all the benefits of being a Builders Club Member, you will agree with me that it is worth paying for. Furthermore, you might end up spending more money than you would if you joined the BC membership.

The Benefits Of Being A Builders Club Member

As we stated earlier, it is essential to understand what you are getting yourself into the gaming arena. It would be tricky to invest money without a clear understanding of what you are getting in return. When it comes to subscribing to Builders Club membership, it comes with lots of advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below: 

1. Free Robux Every Day

One of the most significant benefits of being a Roblox Builders Club member is the free Robux reward you get every day. We all know how important Robux is to any Roblox gamer and how challenging it is to get a single one. For this reason, Roblox developers thought it wise to reward their loyal fans with free Robux. The Robux is deposited into your account once you log in.

The number of daily Robux rewards received highly depends on the tier of your membership. The cheapest offers you 15 R $ while the highest offers you 60 R $ every day, which translates to 1800 R $ monthly. The free Robux is deposited into your account every month, unlike before, when it was done daily. 

Receiving the Robux every month or after every time you renew your membership has many advantages. For example, since the Robux you receive are many, you can do a lot in the in-game marketplace. However, this might be a disadvantage because you will spend all these Robux at a go and will have to wait until the following month to receive more. 

2. Sell and Trade Items on The Platform

Roblox is one of the gaming platforms known to have an in-depth virtual economy that changes constantly. This is because users are bidding and trading on limited items and gear day and night. The advantage of being a Builders Club member is that you will find items on the catalog that are only accessible for BC members only. If you are a gear-hound, give it a trial.

One of the most challenging things in gaming is spending real-life money to level up in the game. Although this might not be a challenge at the beginning, it might slowly start weighing you down. Roblox developers understood this pain, and they decided to come up with an easy way of raising money. This is what led to the option of selling and trading items on the platform. 

You can either buy or sell an item, depending on your needs. You will also be able to pay to play games developed by other players. At the same time, you will be able to sell items on the platform, and you will be paid in Robux. The more items you sell, the more Robux you will make, and the easier it will be for you to create games and other items. 

3. Ad-Free Browsing

Nothing is more annoying than experiencing unlimited ads when enjoying your favorite game. Apart from being so annoying, it is also time-consuming and consumes a lot on your data subscription. Therefore, to avoid all these, all you need to do is become a Roblox Builders Club member. Regardless of the membership plan you choose, ad-free browsing is a guarantee.

Ad-Free Browsing makes gaming more fun, and you will also not be exposed to viruses found online. Although the ads are necessary and earn the app developers’ good money, they are the worst experience when you are at the peak of your game. Part with less than $5 to apply for the cheapest membership plan and ads on your gaming will be a thing of the past. 

4. Ability To Join Groups

Nothing feels better than working in the company of other people. In Roblox, the RBC membership gives you an opportunity of joining up to 100 groups. The number of groups you can join however, depends on your membership plan. The lowest (Classic member) gives you access to 10 groups while the Turbo gives you access to 20 groups.

 If you can subscribe to the Outrageous membership group, you can access a total of 100 groups. Things have even become better with the introduction of the Roblox Premier Membership. This is because the new membership plan allows you to join a maximum of 100 groups, even with the lowest membership plan. 

Types Of Builders Club Membership 

When it comes to Builders Club Memberships, there are three types that a player can choose from. These are- Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club as well as Outrageous Builders Club. To buy or get these memberships, users commonly used Roblox cards. You can obtain Roblox Builders Club membership through various retailers like; Best Buy, Gamestop, EB Games, and Walmart. 

If you want to purchase Robux and you have a Roblox Builders Club membership, you are given a significant bonus compared to a player who is a non-Builders Club member. Roblox Builders Club members receive a stipend of 15 Robux daily (465 Robux monthly / 5475 Robux annually). At the same time, club members are given the ability to join or create a total of 10 groups.

 If you feel third-party ads are a nuisance, you can remove them from your app, and you can also create MEGA places and personal servers if you so desire. If you join the Builders Club for the first time, you are given a “Builders Club badge” and a “Welcome To The Club Badge”. Although there is nothing much this badge does for you, the confidence and pride it gives you are enough. 


The Builders Club membership is paid on a monthly or annual basis. The monthly basis is $5.95, £5.49 or €6.49 while annual charges are: $57.95, £54.99 or €64.99. The annual charges are way much cheaper to encourage the members to pay for a yearly membership. Counting all the privileges that come with being a club member, you would agree that it is worth the sacrifice. 

The membership is renewed, depending on the user’s preference. If you do not need the membership after the previous one expires, you will not incur charges. If you choose to renew your membership after some time, you will not be treated as a first time member. Renewing the membership, however, automatically introduces you to the new Roblox Premium Membership.