What is An Image ID In Roblox

What is An Image ID In Roblox

If you are new on Roblox, you might have heard about image ID on Roblox. However, it might have been a bit tricky to understand it in full. This article is however meant to simplify things for you and help you understand what an image ID is. We will also give you all the information you need to know about image ID and how it works.

The Importance of An Image ID

Roblox Decal ID are simply cool ways of adding value and personality to all the games you choose to play in. in Roblox, you are allowed to spray paint your logo and other decals on any item in the game. Things have even been made better by the Roblox team giving you a clearer and fun experience on the platform.

Before you think about decals, you must first have Spray Paint gear. This gear works as a license for you to spray paint on any in-game item. Luckily, using the Spray Paint gear is an easy process as it is a simple GUI with core and customizable parts. When the Spray Paint gear was first introduced into the platform, it was well embraced by players. This is because it has brought a lot of fun to an already impressive game.


There are different spray codes and Roblox Decals IDs that you can choose from. These spray codes are used to spray paint on specific items and the best thing about it is that it is a straightforward process. With the different codes available online, you can just copy and paste these codes.