How To Get Roblox Premium – Easiest Way In 2020

How to get Roblox Premium

We all know that Roblox games are free to play. The game is made available for all their fans, provided they are above the age of 13 years. However, if you want to enjoy the game more, you can choose to part with a few bucks to enjoy a much better membership. This is what we call the Roblox Premium Membership.

Who Is A Roblox Premium Member?

A Roblox Premium Member is one who holds a Roblox Membership card. Roblox allows its fans to subscribe to a much higher and better membership than an ordinary member. Once you pay the subscription fee, you are entitled to a membership card. At the same time, your title changes from an ordinary member to a Premium member.

We all hate paying tax even in real life, right? There is no difference when it comes to the gaming experience. Therefore, after Roblox developers realized how much this was affecting their members, they decided to deal with it. The easiest way of ensuring their fans evaded the high in-game tax was by introducing the special membership plan.

Therefore, you now have a choice. You no longer have to experience the pain of seeing much of your earnings being deducted to pay in-game tax. With the membership plan, your tax is very low compared to what is charged for ordinary members.

At the same time, your privileges in the game are upgraded. Although one has to part with a few bucks to get the membership, the sacrifice is worth it. Once you are a Roblox Premium Member, you not only enjoy daily Robux rewards, but you also have many other favors. Some of these favors include being able to trade freely in the game to earn Robux.

If you are a fan of Robux, there is no reason why you should not become a Roblox Premium Member? The question many people ask is, ‘How do you get Roblox Premium? In this article, we will answer you this question and give you more information about what it means to be a Roblox Premium Member. There is no better way of showing your loyalty as a Roblox fan than subscribing to this plan.  

The History Of Roblox Premium Membership

Before we get down to giving you the various membership categories we have in Roblox Premium, here is its history. Roblox Premium membership is not very new in this platform as per say, but its name is. Initially, the membership was known as Roblox Builders Club and it had some downside per say. Therefore, the new plan is much better than its predecessor.

A few years later, in 2019, the developers saw it wise to change it to Roblox Premium Membership. They did not only change the name, but with it were some changes as well. The membership was officially confirmed on 10th June 2019. This was after the addition of “Premium” to the MembershipType enum.

Some of the advantages of this new membership was the addition of the members’ bonus items. For example, the Builders Club Hard Hat became unobtainable. It also became much easier to subscribe to the new membership than it was with the Builders Club Memberships.

Categories Of Roblox Premium Membership

There are three main categories of Roblox Premium Membership. The difference is brought about by the number of free Robux they provide monthly. Roblox Premium is an upgrade of Builders Club members, and hence it comes with some improvements and changes. Below are some of the other changes that come with the new membership.

Some of the changes you find on this new membership plan is that the Free Robux are offered monthly and not daily as it was with the Builders Club membership. At the same time, all memberships use the same name and the icon and not different ones as it was in the past. You receive the free Robux after every renewal date and not gradually.

The three categories are divided as follows.

MembershipPrice (EURO)Price (USD)
Roblox Premium 450$4.99€4.99
Roblox Premium 1000€9.99$9.99
Roblox Premium 2200€20.99$19.99

The Purchase Screen           

When you visit the purchase screen to purchase the category of your choice, you’ll have to be careful to check the number of Robux offered. This is because, as we recorded earlier, they all use the same icon. The icon is a MeepCity banner on the banner. There is a picture of an avatar dressed in a Golden Top Hat of Bling Bling and a Golden Suit of Bling Squared. This avatar is known as Mr. Bling Bling, and he was also available in the old Robux purchase page.


It is very important to understand that the new membership was not introduced to affect the Roblox Builders Club membership. As we all know, change is as good as rest. Hence, Roblox developers introduced Premium membership as an advertisement strategy. With the new improved deals that come with the new membership, they knew they would attract the attention of many other new members.

At the same time, those who had the Roblox Builders Club membership benefited even more. The Introduction of Premium Membership brought with it many goodies that were initially not available in the previous plan.

One of the most significant advantages was the ability of the new plan to increase your group count from 5 to 100. This is regardless of the tier you choose. This was well received by members as they said it was the best way Roblox would use to improve their members freedom on the platform. 


Getting Roblux Premium is an excellent experience regardless of the package you chose to work with. The only difference between the three categories is the number of Robux you receive per month. For Roblox Premium 450, you pay less and gain less free Robux. The second category you receive a 1000 Robux, while the third category gives you 2200 Robux. Looking at the table above, we can agree that being a Robux Premium Member is very cheap and affordable.