How Much Is $1 In Robux- Get To Know The Real Value

How Much Is $1 In Robux

As the saying goes, “Best things in life are free,” it can never be truer than Roblox’s. Among the different mobile gaming platforms today, Roblox seems to top the list with its great and unique features. Roblox has made the life of its players very fun and easy. However, for them to enjoy it even more, once in a while, they are expected to part with a few bucks to buy the in-game currency known as Robux.

The Exchange Rate Of Robux

If you are new in this game, looking at the rate of Robux might be challenging, bearing in mind that the game is labeled as free of charge. However, even more for those who want to enjoy the game, they wouldn’t mind parting with a few bucks to buy Robux. It is, for this reason, this exchange rate list was formulated. 

There are different ways of earning Robux in Roblox, but the easiest and the most reliable way is by buying them using real money. For that reason, we thought it wise to prepare this article to help you learn all that you need to learn about the Roblox gaming platform. This list will also make it easier to budget for your gaming experience. 

The Roblox gaming platform’s main aim was to make a platform where their players would enjoy without having to pay. Therefore, when Robux was invented, they decided to make it cheap and affordable for all their players. This was by selling Robux to players where they are exchanged into real money. 

For this reason, you can buy Robux with as little as $1 and enjoy your game just like any other gamer. Apart from this, players are also allowed to trade in the game and can as well be able to earn Robux without having to pay for them using real-life money. If you are creative enough to develop marketable games, you will be able to Earn more than Robux. 

A single Robux costs 1.25 cents. However, it might be so demanding and tiresome to allow the purchase of a single Robux. For this reason, buyers are not. Therefore, Roblox came up with unique price options for their Robux. You can buy them using real-life money or changed by BC bonuses if you have enough in your account. Below is all you need to know about Robux. 

Importance of Robux in Roblox 

Robux has very many advantages in the game. This explains the reason why many people are ready for money to purchase them. They also help you do a lot of things that you cannot do without them. Some of these things include: 

Creating Groups 

One of the advantages than one gets for being a Roblox Premium Member is being able to create groups. However, this is not just possible if you don’t have the right amount of Robux. The number of groups you will be allowed to create will highly depend on the amount of Robux you have. With just 100 R$, you will be able to create your group. 

Once you create a group, you will not have to stop there. There is an option of creating a clan, but this is only possible if you have a total of 500 R$ and above. The clan you create is made of the group members you had created before. If you want to be strong on the platform, make sure that your clan has as many members as possible. It is time to join the team of winners with just as few as 500$. 

Change of Username 

After being on the platform for a long time and being well-known in the group by a particular identity, it’s time to surprise your fans. The best way of doing this is by changing your username. Although this is a natural process, you need to be very rich in terms of the amount of Roblox you have. For you to be able to change your username, you need a total of 1000$. 

After using most probably your official names for a long time, it is now time to pick a pet name. However, it is essential to ensure that you pick your best pet name this time. This is because you might never get another opportunity of picking another name. Although this might seem unfair but considering that there are millions of gamers on the platform, it was wise to set some restrictions. 

Below is a list of Robux exchange rate

  • 40 Robux costs $0.50 only bought on Chromebook. BC members receive a bonus of 5 Robux.
  • 80 Robux costs $1.00 available on Roblox mobile BC members Bonus is 10 Robux.)
  • 400 Robux costs $5.00, Usually in Roblox Xbox, as well as Roblox’s official website. Sometimes in Roblox mobile. BC members Bonus is 50 Robux.)
  • 800 Robux costs $10.00 this is the most popular option available via Xbox, phone, and the website. BC members Bonus is 200 Robux.)
  • 1,700 Robux costs $20.00 (Available through Xbox; has no BC members bonus.
  • 2,000 Robux costs $25.00 available on the website only. BC Members Bonus is 750 Robux.)
  • 4,500 Robux costs $50.00 available via the website only. BC members Bonus is 1,500 Robux.)
  • 10,000 Robux costs $100.00 available via the website only. BC members Bonus is 5,000 Robux.)
  • 22,500 Robux costs $200.00 available via the website only. BC Members Bonus is 12,500 Robux.)

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With all these different price options, you can agree that Roblox is much concerned about their players. These options make it easier for any buyer to enjoy their gaming with ease. At the same time, you can opt to become a BC member to enjoy the bonuses they offer their members. There is three different Builders Club membership, and each has a varied price range. The BC membership qualifies you for a certain number of free Bonus per month, the lowest being 450, and the highest being 2200.